Thursday, January 30, 2014

Black Hat Anime Film to Honor Cassie

Just a few days after Cassie died, I was contacted by a friend who knows a fellow named Robbie Bryan, who is a writer/producer/filmmaker. He's in the process of raising funds to make a film called Black Hat, which is about a girl who is teased and bullied for being a fan of anime and cosplay, and her epic quest to get to an anime convention in Louisiana to meet one of her idols. She had told Robbie all about Cassie, and Robbie was touched by Cass, as all of us are, and wanted to name one of the main characters in the film after her, and fashion her look after our Cass. I was so moved by this sweet gesture. What better way to remember our baby girl, who started cosplaying at age 10, attended her first convention in costume, and couldn't wait to go to Comic Con this year? After conversing with Robbie several times, he invited me to come to Comic Con and talk about Cassie and her role in the film. Though the deadline to get a booth had passed, MechaCon offered to donate space in their booth for this. Many of the MechaCon attendees have posted fond memories of Cassie on their page, and it has made my heart ache with gladness to see that they enjoyed her as much as she enjoyed being there.

Robbie sent me the video showing the first artwork of Cassie as an anime character (the movie will be live action with a few anime sequences) and it is beyond beautiful. Cassie's likeness is perfect, down to her sweet kitty ears. If you watch the video, you can see it about halfway through.

I can't express how much it means to me for this film to be made. For Cassie's sweet image to be seen by anime fans and cosplayers everywhere, sharing the message to be freaky fabulous, embrace your differences, find joy in being you. Every dollar contributed counts. Every "like" on the facebook page, the youtube page, every share on reddit or facebook or tumblr counts. Please. Please. There is no better way to immortalize our beautiful girl, and no words for my gratitude to Robbie Bryan for including her in his project.

Please click the links, please like, comment, share, contribute to the fundraiser.

Black Hat at Seed & Spark

Black Hat Anime Facebook

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