Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Satya teams with Courteney Cox & David Arquette to raise EB awareness

      SATYA Partners with Charitable Celebrity Couple

      Courteney Cox & David Arquette

      Introducing the EB Butterfly Necklace

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Committed to not only creating beautiful and distinctive jewelry, but also to making a difference, New York based Satya Jewelry proudly introduces the “EB Butterfly” necklace. Co-designed by husband and wife partners Courteney Cox and David Arquette along with Satya Jewelry, the necklace was created to benefit the EB Medical Research Foundation (EBMRF), a charity that is close to both of their hearts. EB is a rare skin disease affecting someone near and dear to both David & Courteney. “We are committed to raising awareness and money to help find a cure for EB so these wonderful children can live a healthy and normal life.”

The unique butterfly design was chosen because it is the symbol of hope and freedom. The EB child’s skin is as fragile as a butterfly’s wings.

Founders/designers Satya and Beth, along with the Arquettes, are dedicated to childrens’ causes and have teamed up to offer this special necklace as a gift for any occasion. The Satya Foundation will donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this necklace to the EBMRF and joins them in their mission to find a cure for this rare disease. “We hope that everyone who learns about these children and their struggle will be touched and want to help- this necklace is a unique gift and a great way to make a difference,” explains Satya, “We are grateful to be a part of this incredible project. We hope this necklace will help make these children fly.”


A beautiful etched sterling silver butterfly pendant hangs delicately from a black silk cord, with every aspect of the design personally chosen by David & Courteney. With an eye for blending spiritual symbols, healing gemstones and sacred meanings, Satya Jewelry is created with grace, style and a global consciousness.


EB is a rare, disabling and life threatening genetic disease. Try to imagine a child with painful wounds similar to burns covering most of his or her body. Unlike burns, these wounds never go away. Wounds may cover up to 75% of the child’s body and require daily bandaging. For the EB child, simple activities such as walking, riding a bike or enthusiastic hugs can bring intense pain. Blistering and scarring occur in the mouth, esophagus and eyes, and also causes the fingers and toes to fuse.

The mission of the EB Medical Research Foundation (EBMRF) is to fund research programs that are working on a cure. The EBMRF is an all volunteer organization, with no salaries paid. To learn more about EB and how you can get involved, visit their wEBsite at

The EB Butterfly necklace is available in May 2007. The Satya exclusive will retail for $24 and will be available at Satya Boutiques in New York City, and

(212) 243-6930.

For additional information about Satya Jewelry, visit

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